Why every wedding business owner should learn digital marketing 101

Whether you outsource your digital marketing or take care of it yourself, if you’re a wedding business owner you need to understand the basics of digital marketing strategy. With this information you can discern which agencies can deliver on their promises to you. You also have the option to fall back on your own skills if you enter a cost-cutting season.

Here a few other benefits:

Digital marketing gives you an advantage over the competition

Understanding digital marketing gives you a massive advantage over less-informed competitors. A foundation pillar of digital marketing is competitor research. You can understand and analyse your competitor’s strategies and discover any weak spots in their marketing. This will help you position yourself better and draw in more enquiries with less effort.

Digital marketing gives you insight into what your target market wants.

Another foundation pillar is market research. Understanding how couples make wedding booking decisions will influence how you present your brand online. Diving into their online behaviour can highlight red flags for you to address, such as issues with your website. And it can inform your content strategy so your posts speak to engaged couples and generate leads. By using marketing insights you will grow your online presence. This adds a cumulative value to your overall brand.

Better market research helps couples feel connected to and understood by your wedding brand. This type of marketing can elevate your business from a commodity that provides a wedding service to an impressive and memorable wedding brand. Wedding brands can usually charge premium prices with confidence.

Every wedding business owner should know the basics of digital marketing

This includes:

  • How to get discovered by couples online
  • How to find content ideas couples will respond to
  • How to create and redistribute content
  • Software and processes that can save time, especially during peak wedding season

You can learn about digital marketing for free

The great thing about digital marketing is that you can learn all of this for free. If you’re in the wedding industry and you want to attend my FREE digital marketing masterclass for wedding pros register here.

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