Why couples don’t remember you (+ how to fix it)

Just as we use our tone of voice to convey different meanings, a brand tone of voice is more to do with the messages and mood a brand conveys, rather than individual pieces of content.

Luxury tone of voice is well utilised in high-end branding, but most industries overlook the importance of it. To solidify your brand tone of voice you need to first define your brand persona. Learn more about how to do this here

A brand tone of voice example

A great example of this is Duolingo. From their website, app messages, emails, and social media their mascot Duo the owl has an instantly recognizable cheeky tone of voice. Imagine developing a tone of voice so distinctive engaged couples instantly know it’s you. What effect would that have on your business?

Once you have couples’ attention it’s easier to position yourself as a top-of-class wedding venue or vendor. Why? Because they’re listening to you without distraction. Investing in brand tone of voice reduces risk from your competition without lowering your prices.


How do you write brand tone of voice?

A well-developed brand tone of voice is one way you can stand out in a busy online world. For this reason, it’s vital to develop a tone of voice unique to your business. Most brands start out copying a market leaders’ style of communication. If you’re serious about your wedding business it’s time to leave that behind and come into your own.

To lay a working foundation it’s wise to invest in brand strategy. Internal brand strategy will allow you

  • develop your brand characteristics
  • learn how to communicate those values through your messaging.

Developing your brand characteristics isn’t an arbitrary process where you pick a group of characteristics from a list. It needs to be weighed against what your competitors are already doing, and what type of messaging resonates with your audience.

After you have defined and assessed your brand characteristics, you will be able to see how the combined effect of images, colours, and words can be used to represent the right brand values. Once you have a grip on your brand tone of voice you can use it in your website copy, social media profile and captions, emails, and any direct communications with your clients.

This style of cohesive brand messaging will make your wedding venue stand out in the crowd and ultimately have greater success in attracting a more loyal client base. This is one of the foundation steps to almost effortless marketing.

Developing a brand tone of voice is an ongoing process that’s well worth the effort. If you would like our help with this you can register for our brand tone of voice workshop here (scroll down page).

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