Wedding Marketing Freelance Services

“How can I market my wedding business?” With Say I Do of course! Discover our wedding marketing freelance services below.

All offers are subject to our 30-day money back guarantee, deliverables notwithstanding.

Email Copywriting

“I don’t want my couples to feel I’ve forgotten about them once I secure their deposit.”

If you stay connected with your couples you’ll find it easier to get raving reviews, they’re more likely to recommend you via word-of-mouth, and you have more opportunity to upsell.

A regular email newsletter gives them peace of mind that you are still present and prevents couples from feeling neglected. Crafting beautiful emails takes time. With my help we can create an email strategy that serves your couples and your bottom line.

Blog Copywriting

“I know importance of blogs, but I don’t enjoy writing and I don’t have the time”

It’s time-consuming crafting a blog article that’s enjoyable to read and doesn’t regurgitate the same old information. However, blogs make you stand out as a wedding expert and protects your reputation as a professional in a sea of cowboys. You’re more likely to show up on page one of google search, and if you opt for our media-rich blog service you can simultaneously build your brand on YouTube too. This doubles your chances of being discovered and opens up entirely new audiences.

Website Copywriting

“My website needs refreshing to appeal to current couples”

Words are powerful! Your website copy must move couples to take action. You also want your website copy to carry your brand tone of voice, and to sound natural and appealing to your clients. With my help we can craft wonderful words that bring more bookings and enquiries.

Digital Marketing Audit & Strategy

“I’m not sure where to start and would appreciate a guiding hand”

A full-scale digital marketing strategy will give your business greater direction and more revenue. You won’t have stop-start marketing efforts anymore, and you’ll be able to track where your leads are coming from. We can identify the best marketing channels for your business and uncover online audiences you might be overlooking. With my processes and software recommendations you’ll save time while taking more bookings. You won’t be left in the lurch either as this service includes ongoing support calls and troubleshooting.

Digital Marketing Foundations Package

“I recognise the importance of establishing our digital empire. I want to stand out from my competitors, but I don’t have time to develop my brand online”

Our multi-channel content strategy with regular reporting will keep you aware of your marketing efforts without taking up your time with implementation. This is a three-month package where we test out multiple marketing approaches, analyse the results and optimize for best ROI.

Meta and Tiktok Ads

“I’m ready to advertise but need someone experienced to explain paid  ads to me and to run my campaign”

I’ve been running Meta ads since 2017. We do need a consultation required before any building any campaigns. This is to make sure paid ads are the best solution for your business, and to help you understand the type of results you can expect based on campaign objectives, budgets, and timescale. Paid ads took a dip after privacy updates in recent years. Since then the platform seems to have settled and remains the number one social media platform globally. Targeted ads are still highly effective if you know what you’re doing. Don’t leave it learning as you go. You need expert help to make a paid ads worth it for your business,

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