Wedding Industry Training Workshops

Learn with Say I Do. Our wedding industry training webinars are perfect for anyone wanting to upskill their wedding marketing.

Please note webinar replays and digital products are non-refundable.

Digital Marketing Masterclass

I want to get started with digital marketing 101

If you Google wedding venues why is page 1 full of wedding directory results? What are they doing to generate so much attention online? Watch our digital marketing masterclass to discover 5 marketing methods you can leverage for your wedding business.

Showing Up In 'Near Me' Searches

I want to work with local couples and show up in near me searches

Local google search is essential if you want more traffic, enquiries, and revenue. You can learn how with our online webinar.

Fix your marketing foundation

I have marketing systems in place, but my enquiries are less with each campaign, and each campaign becomes more expensive

Paid ads have become more expensive for everyone in most industries. We can assess your Facebook ad campaigns for any areas of improvement, such as your ad creatives and audiences. Book a free 15 minute discovery call here.

However, to really impact your overall marketing you likely need a better brand strategy. Brand strategy is all about how your business communicates with others. If you’re an organisation, having a brand purpose in action can develop your company culture and positively impact employees.

Our live wedding brand builder bootcamp will help you

  • define your brand persona
  • position your brand effectively in a crowded marketplace
  • learn the language your clients love to hear
  • maintain an exciting visual identity
  • craft memorable stories
  • develop a messaging framework so you can keep marketing indefinitely.

If that sounds intense that’s because it is. This is for serious brand owners determined to protect their brand legacy or establish themselves as best-in-class.

Learn more about the bootcamp below.

Social Media Training for Wedding Venue Teams

I have a fantastic wedding venue team, but our social media efforts aren’t consistent and it’s costing me enquiries.

You don’t have to be a social media genius to be consistent. Consistency is the number one factor to social media success.

Our two-day on-site social media training will take your team from proper market research to content creation and redistribution. They will also receive several processes and workflows, content creation hardware, and software subscriptions.

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