If you are reading this post, then chances are that you have decided to book a space at a wedding fayre and are now considering how to get the best of out exhibiting at the event.

Wedding Fayres offer a fantastic opportunity for wedding businesses to market and promote their company to their target audience and couples will be coming along to the wedding fayre expecting to meet and book quality wedding suppliers, whilst being presented with wedding inspiration and ideas for their big day.

So here’s some hints and tips on how to get the most out of exhibiting at wedding fayres, by considering how you can style your exhibition area to make an impact and stand out from the crowd.

1. Preparation – Don’t leave the styling of your exhibition area to the last minute or even to when you turn up at the wedding fayre as this could ultimately end in disaster. Brides want to be inspired by your company and the services you offer, so take time to consider beforehand how you want to present your business and have a practice at home setting up your wedding fayre exhibition area.

2. Marketing Materials – Make sure you have a sufficent amount of marketing material with you. Flyers, business cards or brochures etc. Double check before ordering these that your contact details are correct and upto date. If possible consider adding your social media contact details too.

3. Change The Colour of Your Tablecloth. Most wedding fayres will provide their wedding fayre exhibitors with a tablecloth, usually in black or white. This doesn’t mean you have to use it! Consider buying one of your own which you can use to form part of your exhibition display and make your table stand out from the rest. Sparkly, colourful, personalised, the choice is yours, but you will be surprised how a simple change like this can add a wow factor.

4. Make Sure Your Brand Can Be Seen. Quite often following a fayre, we will receive a email from a bride asking ‘what was the name of that company they saw at the fayre.’ Don’t let your business be forgotten! Think about how you can display your brand or logo so it can be seen and remembered. Add your logo to a photoframe and place it on your table or in front of it, consider purchasing a pull up banner to go behind or to the side of your table. Give away something as a freebie which has your logo on it.

5. Use Height To Create Interest. Attract attention to your exhibition area at the wedding fayre by adding height to your exhibition stand. You want your stand to be noticed from brides as soon as they walk in or from across the room so they think ‘oooh what’s that, let’s go look at it!’ If items are simply placed on top of a table its unlikely to have any effect, as they simply won’t be seen. So add height by placing stackable items on your table. You could use vintage crates, stackable suitcases, photoframes, shelves etc to lift your items off the table so they can be seen.

6. Create a Backdrop. This can really set the stage for your exhibition area. Although most wedding venues will not allow you to stick items to walls, you can create or purchase a freestanding backdrop to really add interest to your wedding stand. Consider the texture and colours so that these blend in well with the ideas you already have. You could use a simple wallpapered wall (with your logo or brand on!), or ribbons, sparkles, fabric, wood, the list is endless!

7. Why Even Use A Table? Most venues provide you with a table to display your items, but why not swap this for something else? You could use bookcases, a dresser, ladders, whatever you wish! Just be careful that it doesn’t exceed the size limits of your exhibition area and complies with fire, health & safety regulations.

8. Choose Your Stand Colours Carefully – Reseachers recognise that colour can have a definite impact on customers. There’s an interesting article here that provides detail on what your business colours say about you. So take time to consider what colours you will use to define your business and how you can integrate these into your wedding fayre exhibition stand. Also, consider the latest wedding colour trends as brides will be looking at wedding professionals for a trusted source of information on latest trends and if a stand looks outdated or old fashioned (not in the good vintage way) chances are brides will not book that company.

9. Consider Bringing a Model – If you are displaying services such as hairdressing, bridalwear, makeup artist, etc why not consider bringing along a friend as a model. This has alot more impact as brides can see your work/items on someone else and it increases interest in your wedding service if they can see you actually doing your work then and there at the wedding fayre.

10. Use Pintrest for InspirationFor more inspiration, take a look at our Pintrest board here. We have collated some images from across Pintrest which can provide you with some ideas for styling your area at your next wedding fayre.

Hopefully you will find this information useful and can help you in really making the most of your next wedding fayre.

For interest in exhibiting with Say I Do Wedding Fayres please email info@sayidoweddingfayres.co.uk

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