Wedding Digital Trio

Who is the Wedding Digital Trio for?

You may be a wedding business expert with all the know-how and processes in the world. But if you haven’t communicated that to your clients, they’ll never know what you’re worth—and they’ll pay whatever they think is fair.

That’s why I created the Wedding Digital Trio—three video training bundles that will equip you with the essentials needed to market your wedding business like a professional.

These trainings are as concise as they need to be, because nobody has time for hours and hours of instruction!

The Wedding Digital Trio trains you in up-to-date marketing methods that will bring results for years to come. This isn’t fad-focused marketing that relies on trends. This foundational training will make your marketing more productive and manageable and is incredibly cost-effective.

Here’s a quick overview of the Trio:

The wedding digital masterclass

In 30 minutes we cover these essentials:

  • Web design
  • Keyword research
  • Content creation and redistribution
  • Email marketing
  • Community building and engagement

Available as a stand-alone training for free here 

Showing up in near me searches

Wedding ______ near me remains the most popular search term and if your site doesn’t show up someone else’s will. This video training has very little to do with social media and focuses on your owned digital real estate. Also comes with the following cheatsheets:

  • Local SEO for beginners
  • 10-step Google Business optimizer for venues
  • 3-pillar profile optimizer
  • Wedding keywords

Available as a stand-alone training for £47 here

Golden Rules of Reels

If you want to continue trading for the next 10 years you need to incorporate short form video into your marketing strategy. This video training gives you everything you need to set up and prepare for video content, even down to the way you think about video. This training includes:

  • Golden Rules of Reels video training
  • Trio of Reels video training
  • Free notion template to plan your Reels
  • Companion Notion video tutorial

Available as a stand-along training for £27 here

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Wedding Digital Trio email exclusive
Wedding Digital Trio email exclusive

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