5 no nonsense tips to book more weddings

Ignore these 5 simple tips if you don’t want to book more weddings:

  1. Don’t caught up in creating content without a plan

So you grabbed a couple’s attention online. Now what? How are you going to nurture their interest and make a booking? The worst strategy is no strategy. Plan out your marketing funnel and stick to it, even if it’s simple. Don’t get distracted by the next shiny thing.

2 Make sure you’re discoverable

Refresh these 3 categories

Google Business Profile

Website optimized for local SEO (near me searches)

Relevant keywords in social profiles

If you need help with this checkout our near me bundle tailormade for the wedding industry.

3 Take the role of marketing seriously

If you treat it as an afterthought your results will be lacking. This is a particular issue for venues who want to book more weddings. It’s not a receptionist’s job to deliver and implement a marketing plan, nor is it the responsibility of your on-site wedding coordinator. Hiring an in-house marketer can be costly. Why not consider hiring a fractional marketing manager for one quarter of the year? Learn more about how this works here.

4 Invest in internal brand strategy

This considers how you want your business to come across online, what will appeal to your wedding audience, and how you can position yourself against your competitors. Your business will go from having a generic online presence to a living breathing brand that’s memorable and attractive. The key with internal brand strategy is applying it to all aspects of brand communications, not just visuals. Learn more about this here.

5 Be consistent

Warren Buffet said “an idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.” Be that idiot! This doesn’t mean you can’t analyse your results and adapt accordingly. Consistent daily efforts will always bring in better results than one-hit marketing wonders or stop-start efforts. 

If you’re not sure where to start take advantage of our free digital marketing masterclass.

This article was written by Monica Cutler of Say I Do, a full funnel wedding lead gen specialist peer reviewed by Traktion.

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