Tiktok and Your Business in 2023

So, TikTok? You’ve probably heard the buzz and wondered if it’s worth diving into. Well, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some forward-thinking entrepreneurs this year, and we’re here to tell you that TikTok for business in 2023 is a game-changer, even if you’re not into those viral dances.

Getting Started with TikTok for Business

If you take away anything let it be this: using TikTok for business is a tad different from hopping on the latest dance trend. None of my TikTok clients are interested in becoming the next dance sensation. Some are all about sharing informative content, while others simply want to put their products in the spotlight. And you know what? All these approaches can work wonders.

Strategic Planning: Your Key to TikTok Success

Before you even think about hitting record, take a step back. It’s essential to know your offering inside out, understand your audience, and figure out how TikTok fits into your existing marketing strategy. Don’t have a marketing strategy? Let me help. Contact me here.

The TikTok Success Blueprint for 2023

Here is the truth: TikTok can work for you, no matter your comfort level in front of the camera. The key is to be strategic. Here a few other key considerations:

  • Patience and Perseverance

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a TikTok following. Be patient and keep at it. Give it at least 100 days.

  • Know Your Audience

My years of experience with Meta Ads have given me a sense of what kind of content resonates with different audiences. Some trial and error is expected, especially when it comes to SEO and experimenting with hashtags.

  • Be Forward-Thinking

Yes, using popular sounds and trends can boost your visibility, but it’s not all about the likes. You need content that engages, connects, and ultimately drives sales or leads. If you don’t have a content strategy let’s co-build one together.

  • Stay in the Loop

If you’re not a TikTok user yourself, you might be missing out on the platform’s current mood. I can help you develop a content strategy that’s right on the money if the idea of scrolling through Tiktok doesn’t appeal.

TikTok Ads: A Fresh Frontier

Now, let’s talk TikTok Ads. They’re still pretty fresh, and calling someone a “TikTok ads expert” might be a stretch. If you’re considering TikTok ads, make sure your offer is crystal clear, your website converts like a charm, and you’re ready to handle increased orders. Oh, and don’t forget a testing budget

TikTok Ads: Proceed with Caution

My advice? Don’t go it alone. Find someone who understands your industry, your audience, and has some ad-running experience. If you would like my help please get in touch.

TikTok for Local Businesses: A Local SEO Powerhouse

And guess what? TikTok isn’t just for global giants. It’s doing wonders for local businesses too. TikTok’s algorithm is all about local search now. Wedding services and venues, take note! TikTok can be your secret weapon.

TikTok Shop: Scaling Up with Physical Products

For those of you with physical products to sell, TikTok Shop might just be your ticket to scaling up. But fair warning, setting it up can be a bit of a headache. If you need a hand, you know where to find me.

Are you ready for Tiktok?

So, is TikTok right for you? It can be a bit intimidating, but the rewards can be huge. Reach out today, and let’s chat about how TikTok can work for your business. Your journey to TikTok domination begins now!

Written by Monica Cutler, a CIM certified marketing freelancer specialising in strategy, copywriting, and ads. Available for Wedding Industry and FemTech clients.

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