Meta and TikTok Ads Management for Wedding Industry Clients

Unleash the potential of Meta and Tiktok ads for your wedding business.

Ready to take your wedding venue business to new heights? Unlock the potential of Meta and TikTok ads management, the dynamic duo of targeted advertising that brings qualified couples right to your doorstep.

Meta ads include unmatched targeting capabilities. Tiktok’s entertainment structure allows independent venues with personality to stand out from the crowd of generic wedding sites.

Keep up-to-date with Meta and TikTok Ads

In recent years TikTok has emerged as a game-changer, capturing the attention of millions worldwide. My Meta and TikTok ads management services ensure that your wedding venue business is at the forefront of this exciting platform.

With TikTok’s vast user base, including a significant number of engaged couples, I’ll help you craft captivating video campaigns that resonate with your audience on a personal level. Together we’ll harness TikTok’s creative potential, leveraging trending challenges and engaging storytelling to showcase your venue’s unique charm.

Get ready to reach a whole new generation of couples and see your business flourish like never before. With Meta and TikTok ads, the possibilities are endless, and I’m here to make sure you seize every opportunity to shine.

The best performing Meta and TikTok ad campaigns for wedding industry clients are conversions or lead gen with an automated email follow up. However, your business is unique, and your advertising approach should be too. My strategies are crafted to align with your specific business objectives.

The costs of ads may vary depending on your goals, but we always recommend a minimum ad spend of £3k for a three-month campaign to ensure optimal results.

Beyond ad spend, I’ll be transparent about my additional expenses, such as set-up costs, monthly campaign management and reporting, ad creative creation (if required), landing page building (if required), and email list building (if required). Here’s a generic example of campaign costs for a monthly ad spend of £1000:

Month one campaign set up and design: £500

Month one campaign management fee £750 + £1000 ad spend

Month two campaign management fee £750 + £1000 ad spend

Month three campaign management fee £750 + £1000 ad spend

Total cost for a 3 month campaign = £5750


What TikTok and Meta Ads Management Includes

Ads management includes:

  • set up and campaign design
  • ad copywriting
  • campaign management
  • campaign optimisation after the learning phase
  • audience segmentation
  • A/B testing headlines
  • A/B testing content
  • A/B testing landing pages
  • unlimited revisions pre-campaign
  • UTM tracking
  • End of campaign report
  • Troubleshooting

Itemised invoice, PIA, late fees apply.

To embark on this exciting journey with me please provide as much detail as possible when you apply. The more I know, the better equipped I’ll be to guide you during our initial consultation. Together let’s craft a winning strategy that will leave you with a calendar filled with bookings and couples eager to say “I do” at your venue.

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