With more competition than ever, how can your email marketing drive wedding revenue?

The excitement of receiving a new email enquiry! And then the disappointment when the couple fails to respond. Unfortunately for wedding venues and wedding vendors, a high number of enquiries doesn’t always equal an increase in sales.
For many reasons, couples just don’t get back to you. Or they wait until you just booked out their desired wedding date to another couple.

When couples consent to an email nurture sequence they give you the opportunity to serve them. This could be wedding expertise and planning ideas, recommendations for local suppliers, date night vouchers and mini-moon offers. The list is endless. Their initial email enquiry can be a gateway of revenue opportunities. 


Your response to an email enquiry needs to overdeliver. This means going beyond answering availability enquiries. If a couple enquires about availability, you have a massive indicator about where they are in their planning process. They likely know very little about local suppliers and costings, and you could be the wedding expert they need to fill in the gaps.

An email address is an opportunity to increase revenue. Before you begin your nurture sequence be sure of the following:
• the account owner opted-in
• the account owner can easily unsubscribe
• the content you send is genuinely helpful to engaged couples
• each line is clearly written and easy to understand

How can wedding businesses improve email open rate?

To ramp up your impact, Say I Do recommends adding these two further steps. One of which you may already do.

1) Ditch the huns, babes, and lovelies.

If only you knew what digital marketers went through to get permission to use personal data! Names are powerful. If you’re in a crowded place and someone shouts out your name, wouldn’t it get your attention? Personalisation is a key factor to luxury marketing and what’s more personal than a name?

The language you use develops impressions. Using informal or generic terms can make you sound friendly and approachable. But it can also give the impression you’re someone more likely to give discounts or disadvantage themselves. If a couple give you a name, use it.

2) Build a connection with video.

There are many email video integrations such as Loom and Vidyard. Check out our free guide ‘How to add emails to videos’ here.
A well-conceived copywriting campaign builds a memorable connection. By providing expertise, value and even entertainment, you are allowing your potential couples to make a personal connection with your brand. This in turn leads to better retention, higher engagement, and ultimately more revenue from your target audience. This makes it a truly intriguing prospect.

Video may be the most exciting form of non-written communication. We can express our deepest emotions, share stories in ways no one else can and make a lasting impression that anyone can watch at any time. And you can do it all in a matter of minutes. That’s why I want to help you create fabulous video emails that will drive couples to reach out to you.

If you would like my help with creating a nurture sequence, or a regular newsletter you can learn more here.

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