Digital Marketing for Wedding Businesses

Whether you’re a hotelier, bridal atelier, or wedding caterer at some point you will need a digital marketing strategy. If you’ve ever updated your website or created social media content you have digital marketing experience.

The difficulty with digital marketing for the wedding industry is the abundance of options. The worst strategy is no strategy. This might look like hopping from one social channel to another because of popular trends, or desperately copying competitors and hoping for better results. This is a massive distraction that takes away focus from serving your couples and can lead to digital marketing burnout.

A bespoke digital marketing strategy for wedding businesses can prevent the above. Wedding businesses can make a much deeper impression on couples at each brand touchpoint. A unified strategy that is tailor-made to your business will be more personable and less one-size-fits-all.

Wedding businesses must work smarter, not harder to stay competitive. A bespoke digital marketing strategy will help you do this. It’s also the cornerstone of an ongoing customer acquisition strategy. Why waste valuable time and resources creating superfluous content to fill up digital white space? Instead, a digital marketing strategy will help you reach audiences looking for wedding inspiration with minimal effort and maximum return on investment.

How can wedding businesses attract couples online?

How can you successfully convey the value of your service in a way that is beautifully consistent and effective? By creating a bespoke, creatively driven, fully digital marketing strategy.

A digital marketing strategy for hotels will rest on revenue goals per quarter. This is likely already decided for you by senior leadership.

For individual wedding suppliers, you will need to consider your average profits per booking and how many weddings you wish to book each year. Setting a quantified goal is an essential step even if your actual figures turn out differently.

From here you can estimate your sales conversion rate and calculate how many enquiries you need each quarter. If your target is X bookings for Q2 or Q3 think about how far in advance couples will begin to enquire and schedule your marketing accordingly.

Once you have your sales goals in place you need to review your existing marketing data. Find out which marketing channel generates the most enquiries, and why. Is it through your website because you have a strong blog? (Learn more about blogging here) Is it through Instagram stories because couples enjoy behind-the-scenes videos? Find out what has been working for you and do more of it.

If you need a significant uptick in enquiries and sales, you must assess every bit of digital real estate you have. Maximise your online presence with consistent visuals and begin testing out a variety of content on various channels. Do this for three months before evaluating the success of each channel. Once you have the results you can decide which marketing channels to focus on to meet your revenue goals.

A working strategy protects your brand from appearing inconsistent or confusing to potential couples. It also save your time and efforts because you won’t need to chase the latest marketing trends when you have a firm grip on what’s working for your wedding business.

A digital marketing audit is the first step to creating a marketing strategy for your wedding business. If you would like our help with this you can learn more about our digital marketing audit here, and our digital marketing foundations package here.

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