Facebook Ads for Wedding Venues in 2022

With 1.69 billion daily active users*, Facebook remains the most popular social network on the internet. With scores of wedding planning community and wedding business pages, the platform is ideal for advertising your wedding venue. Wedding venue ads typically receive high attention and can lead to high conversion. If you’re thinking of using this powerful platform to promote your venue, keep reading to find out how wedding venues can use Facebook ads effectively.


Video is a great way to showcase your wedding venue. It can be used to show off the venue’s aesthetic and location, two of the most important considerations for couples. And because video takes viewers on a journey around the space, it’s an engaging way for them to learn your wedding venue in a way that still images and text cannot.


Choosing the right audience is an important part of your Facebook advertising strategy. You’ll want to be sure that you’re targeting people who have a high probability of attending your wedding open day and booking your venue.

You can do this by targeting people who are interested in things like weddings, marriage, brides, and grooms. You can also target people who live in the area where your venue is located, or who travel through regularly.

Ad creative plays a big role. To find the most effective ad you should test out different types of ad copy, headlines, various images, and different video lengths.

For example, if you’re targeting brides in their 20s and 30s then perhaps a video ad would be more effective than an image-based ad. Consider running campaigns that give users access to exclusive offers only available through Facebook ads—these could be especially effective when combined with retargeting efforts.

And to avoid expensive mistakes, it’s essential you decide how much money you want to spend per day before getting started with any ad campaigns.


To measure the success of your Facebook ads, you’ll want to look at three key metrics: cost per lead (CPL), conversion rate and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Cost per lead is simply the amount spent on each person who leads directly to a booking. A low CPL means that you’re spending less money to acquire a booking.

Conversion rate is the percentage of people that click on your ad who also book. A high conversion rate means that more people are clicking through and booking! If you have a high click through rate but low conversions you probably need to examine the landing page or website in use.

Return on ad spend is the revenue generated from an advertisement divided by its cost. In other words, it’s an easy way to measure how much profit you’re making from each pound spent on advertising.


When deciding on the best time to run your ads, check your analytics for a few weeks to see what times of day and weeks generate the most engagement. If you have a specific time that works best for you, make sure that time is covered by your campaigns.

If you’re targeting women who work full-time and have children who need picking up after school, then running ads during typical school hours (8am-5pm) might not be the right choice for you. You could try running ads at 6pm when people are getting home from work, or after 10pm when they’re winding down before bed.

If you’re unsure ask your team when they are most likely to browse social media. And as always, keep testing.


Facebook ads for wedding venues are a great way to generate more leads and book more weddings. Here’s how:

  • Use video to stand out. Research competitor ads so your ad creatives don’t look too similar. Try to create short-form content that gets couples excited to book with you
  • Be strategic about budget, but don’t forget metrics like clicks and cost per click (CPC). It can be tempting when you first start running campaigns to throw money at them, but a bigger budget will not solve a poor campaign.
  • Think about time of day and time of week for better engagement. There isn’t an exact science here but aim to run your ads during times when people are most likely going to be online.


In this post, I’ve touched on the basics of Facebook advertising and how it can be used to generate more leads. Creating a Facebook wedding advertising campaign can be highly effective if you know what you’re doing. Facebook advertising can deliver a lot of wedding leads but running it yourself can be difficult and overwhelming. If you’re not sure how to do this and would like an experienced Facebook ads manager in your corner please apply here.

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