Email marketing: They visited your open day, now what?

Ready to turn open day guests into booked couples? I can help with a bespoke email nurture sequence.

A strong email marketing strategy can transform casual online viewers into eager couples excited to view your venue, and it can save you time manually chasing up reviews from previous couples.

Email nurture sequences are a mature marketing channel that requires a long-term approach. The results are well worth it, especially when integrated with modern software that surprises and delights your subscribers.

Let me transform your email marketing with a bespoke nurture sequence, or regular newsletter.

What are brides and grooms saying about wedding venue email marketing?

“I keep getting emails from venues months after I’ve made up my mind to book somewhere else.”

“We went to an open day and they emailed us months after to follow up. Bit late isn’t it?”

Wedding email marketing is a mixed bag. When treated as an afterthought you run the risk of irritating couples, or missing out on bookings because you left it too long. Remember, a key factor in booking a venue is how your team demonstrate their attentiveness to interested couples.

I will increase your email marketing success by emailing quickly after an open day, and creating a nurture sequence that doesn’t make couples feel like they’re being bombarded or harassed. This opens up more opportunities for following up with undecided couples.

And we can for cross promote your venue’s other revenue streams and wedding-related special offers such as pre-wedding parties, date nights, anniversary dinners, spa breaks, and mini-moon offers.

What if you are a wedding and events manager with too much to do?

I know you have a lot of plates to keep spinning, and sales targets to meet. Let me help your email marketing with a bespoke nurture sequence that will help you meet your sales targets while saving you time.

How does it work?

You upload a GDPR-compliant email list to your chosen email marketing platform. I do not offer this service for purchased lists of bridal leads. Email addresses must be sourced independently through the venue’s own marketing efforts. If you would like out help building your email list you can learn more here.

I’ll craft a bespoke email nurture sequence of 4 emails optimised for conversions. I will also design the visuals for each email.

Conversions might include phone calls, viewing a virtual tour, emailing your wedding coordinator, or booking a showround.

The email content is unique to your wedding venue and audience. I never copy and paste copy from the internet or from one client sequence to another, and I never use AI programs to generate email copy.

I can add media that showcases your wedding venue and your incredible team.

Once the emails are written I’ll send the drafts to you for approval. You can offer feedback and receive an unlimited number of revisions until you’re satisfied.

Finally, I’ll schedule the sequence to send. Once the sequence is finished, I can teach you how to copy the same sequence for future open day campaigns for an additional training fee.

The usual timeline from planning to sending is 4-6 weeks. The best time to plan for this service is before your open day the campaign is ready to send a immediately after.

How much does it cost?

Project charged at £800,


  • set up and template design
  • email copywriting
  • campaign management
  • audience segmentation
  • A/B testing headlines
  • A/B testing content
  • unlimited revisions pre-campaign
  • UTM tracking
  • End of project report

Itemised invoice, 30-days payment terms, late fees apply.

Have you done this before?

Yes! In fact I’ve been verified by Traktion, a freelance marketing platform where only 3% of marketing talent are accepted. Check out our peer-reviewed results from past campaigns here

What can you expect?

Professional email marketing makes your couples feel like you’re interested in them. It provides you the opportunity to inspired and connect with them. This makes getting reviews much easier.


Email marketing allows you to promote other revenue streams and create wedding specific offers for your couples. Use one offer per cycle and watch your revenue climb.

"I'm not sure my boss will agree"

Here’s how to ask your manager to book this service:

Hi Boss,

Following our wedding open day I am aware you had hoped for more 2024/25 bookings.

(X number of) guests came through our doors, and even more signed up to attend. Every single one is a potential client that could spend a lot of money with us for years to come.

Not following through on that contact seems like a wasted opportunity. 

My idea is to contact our open day guests with an email nurture sequence. We have their email addresses and they gave permission for us to contact them when they registered for the event.

As well as promoting our wedding packages we can cross promote our (restaurant/spa/upcoming event). We could even repackage an existing offer for (mini-moons/pre wedding treatment packages/bridal showers etc).

I know you see the potential for revenue here!

As you know I am already at full capacity with existing wedding bookings. However I have sourced a reputable freelancer who specialises in email nurture sequences for wedding venues.

Shall I contact her today? It would be a shame to lose those couples.

Copy and paste this message today. The worst they can say is no. Just make sure this section

they gave permission for us to contact them when they registered for the event

is above board by checking your registration forms for permissions.

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