The Digital Marketing Masterclass for Wedding Venue Owners & Suppliers

POV: You want to advertise your wedding business like a pro.

You’re ready for a bespoke marketing system that lets you focus on profitable wedding bookings, filters out timewasters, and brings more enjoyment to the running of your business.

This masterclass is less than 30 minutes of jargon-free advice, segmented into 5 chapters for easy implementation, and I promise you this isn’t a sneaky advert for a membership scheme.

Have you ever wondered what UK wedding directories do to attract couples?

You know, the ones that come up when you’re searching for wedding photographers on Google. I was inspired to create this webinar after hearing other wedding professionals ask “what do they actually do?”

Well, I’m going to draw back the curtain. I’ve analysed how they capture the attention of engaged couples online and selected 5 strategies best suited to busy wedding professionals.

This will help you market like a professional and bring more joy to your wedding business.

You’ll discover

  • The one thing missing from wedding directory websites
  • Where to find the words couples are googling
  • How to protect your creativity when creating content
  • What to do to get more mileage from your content
  • How to prevent post-deposit remorse
  • The future of marketing to Gen Z couples and beyond

This is the start to developing a wedding industry lead generation system that brings in a steady stream of couples.

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