Copywriting for the Wedding Venues

We all recognise the power of images and video. But let’s not forget the power of words. Here’s why you need to focus on copywriting for wedding venues.

Have you ever noticed a brand with such distinct copy it’s like talking with them face-to-face? This is a sign of well-developed copy. 

In wedding industry copywriting there are four main tones of voice:

  1. Chatty copy
  2. Romantic and elegant
  3. Spiffy English aunt who lives in the sticks (you’ll know this one when you see it)
  4. Potty-mouthed rebel.

If this is the tone of voice that truly suits your brand, then more power to you. However, in most instances one brand has established the above tone of voice, and others have copied. This is normal for a business just starting out with copywriting. But as we progress, we need to develop a tone of voice more attuned to our own brand and what our ideal couples want to hear. Investing in copywriting for wedding venues will make your brand more attractive and more memorable.

Why is Tone of Voice Important?

A strong brand identity cuts through the noise and helps your business stand out. Consumers get confused by businesses with similar logos. It’s no different with brand tone of voice.

Internal brand strategy is ultimately concerned with how a business communicates with it’s own staff, and the outside world. Investing in brand strategy and developing an imitable tone of voice is essential for businesses who intend to be here for a long time to come. Copywriting for wedding venues is one vital aspect of overall digital marketing.

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