Facebook ads managers are smiling again

Not only did Gary Vee shout out the platform, but freelancers for Facebook ads are also reporting a positive difference to ad results. After a difficult range of changes, we are emerging from the dark days of stilted campaigns.

If you’re considering Facebook ads for your business, should you appoint a freelancer or an agency?

Pros and cons of hiring a freelancer versus an agency

·       Freelancers have more flexibility than a traditional agency

·       Agency ads can become formulaic because they have less creative freedom

·       Freelancers, as solo operatives, tend to be more communicative and will explain your reports in an easy-to-understand way

·       Freelancers can implement changes more quickly without having to wait for their manager to sign off

·       Budget control. If you’re using a freelancer for Facebook ads you’re more likely to be charged based on flat fees rather than percentage of ad spend.

This last point is why freelancers are becoming a more attractive solution to companies is a post ioS world. Who wants to pay a large retainer for minimal changes and contact?

Of course, there are horror stories about both freelancers and agencies alike. The key difference between the two isn’t necessarily skill or experience. It’s having a proactive and communicative attitude towards the client so they can understand exactly what’s occurring with their ad campaign.

2 reasons against freelancers (and why they have no bearing here)

2 valid concerns with freelancing are not having the support of a team and becoming an ad manager who takes orders rather than guiding a client to the best solution. This last point might sound strange, but an ads managers objective should be to help the client get the best ROI from their campaign as possible. This might mean advising against proposed creatives or strategies if we don’t feel it will work well.

As you can tell, I am firmly in team freelancers for Facebook ads. Although I don’t have an in-house team, I have a reliable team of marketing professionals I can rely on for support. They may not be employees, but our working relationship has survived a pandemic, an energy crisis, the demise of the crown, and whatever comes next on the timeline.

If you would like to explore freelancers for Facebook ads management you can apply here.

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