Marketing Strategy for Wedding Venues

Before you decide on a marketing strategy for your wedding venue consider this: the best wedding venues understand exactly who their couples are and how to deliver on their expectations. To avoid average results, wedding venues need to decide on a target audience and develop a strong brand position. Do this before implementing any marketing strategies. Otherwise it’s like planning a wedding without someone to marry!

An absence of internal brand strategy leads to low ROI and marketing that feels like a drain on your business (and your patience). If you’d like our help with this you can learn more here.

Once you decide who you want to attract you need a marketing strategy that attracts them like a magnet. Your marketing strategy should be tailored to your target audience and the type of wedding events you host. Here are 5 marketing channels you can use:

Email marketing for wedding venues

One of the biggest stressors for engaged couples is not knowing where to start. You can attract engaged couples by creating lead magnets or email newsletters that cover the basics of wedding planning and promote your venue at the same time. You might have been told lead magnets and newsletters were dead. This is the case for generic information that doesn’t have any real value. With proper market research and thoughtful collaboration you can develop lead magnets and newsletters that wow your next couple.

Email marketing isn’t just for new audiences. You can use email nurture sequences with booked-in couples to reassure them of your professional presence. Too many engaged couples report feeling ditched by their venue after paying their deposit, or complain that their venue isn’t very responsive. You can allay their fears with a consistent email presence. You’ll have more chances to upsell and will likely find it easier to get reviews and referrals. Learn more about our email services here.

How can you find email addresses for your list?

Facebook advertising for wedding venues

Facebook ads are a great way to get your business in front of newly engaged couples. However, from Christmas Day to Valentine’s Day Facebook ads become very competitive for wedding venues. If you’d like someone experienced in your corner you can apply for ads management here.

You can create Facebook ads to promote 3D venue tours, lead magnets, and special offers for Facebook couples only. There are multiple options but one of the most effective methods is Facebook lead generation campaigns that collect email addresses.

Once you have these email addresses you can develop your bridal leads, and even invite them to an open day.

Wedding Fayres and Open Days

Wedding fayres are the perfect way to showcase your venue to multiple couples in one showing. You can support local wedding suppliers you know and trust. If you all promote each other on social media imagine the excitement you’ll generate around your venue!

Wedding Fayre Ideas

Try to brainstorm ideas that aren’t typical for a wedding fayre. Couples might attend several in the local area so try to create experiences and giveaways that will make your venue stand out. This might include

  • flower walls for photo opportunities
  • live animals from reputable owners
  • quirky entertainment ideas
  • delicious drinks and creative canapes
  • live wedding planning workshops
  • bridal catwalks. Don’t forget to include groomswear models.

Be sure to create a thoughtful goody bag that includes your wedding venue branding and a special offer especially for attendees. You can try creating offers around F&B and leisure if your venue has these facilities. If you create a special offer for group bookings you will generate even more interest around your venue. If you really want to impress your open day guests book a childcare provider who can supply a wedding creche. This will leave parents free to enjoy the venue with peace of mind.

Word-of-mouth marketing in the wedding industry

The absolute best type of marketing there is. By following the above advice, you will have provided content and experiences that’s truly centred on your couples. When you become a great wedding venue, it’s only natural that people will want to recommend you to their friends and family. This is especially true if you offer something special that other venues don’t have. They still might need a reminder to leave a review, but they will respond eventually to a mixture of personalized emails or even handwritten postcards. Don’t forget to send them a postcard for their 1st year anniversary, bonus points if it’s something they’ll share to their social media account.

Wedding blogs and podcasts

You can apply for your venue to be featured in popular wedding blogs. Blogs favour real life weddings so you will need your couple’s permission to make a submission. This is another great way to build your brand online.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. They are a great way for couple to feel part of a community, but without demanding too much effort for them. Be sure any of your features include calls to action and motivations for couples to seek out your website or socials.

Here is a list of UK podcasts you might approach to learn more about being featured:

  • Guides for Brides
  • Rock my Wedding
  • One fab day
  • Bridechilla
  • Unconventional Wedding Podcast
  • The Wedding People
  • The Wedding Business Podcast (Faye Cornhill)
  • Wedding Pros ready to grow (Becca Poutney)
  • Wedprep (Ireland)
  • The Wedding Pro Cast UK (Donna Eade)
  • What about weddings

Wedding venues are a unique business, and the best marketing strategy is not always clear. The most important thing is to find what works best for your venue and couples. Avoid cherry picking marketing channels and develop a quarterly strategy that delivers luxurious wedding leads to your venue. If you would like an expert’s help with this get in touch today.

If you would like to explore different ways we could work together you can apply here, or book a power hour together here.

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