Branding for Wedding Businesses

Wedding business branding is not just your logo and colour theory. Brand strategy is where you take charge and define the impression your business gives to others. Marketing is the way we communicate that message.

Can better wedding business branding impact professionals in the wedding industry?
The answer is yes!
Remember, the couples of 2022 and beyond have got one thing in common. They have a huge digital appetite. They consume so much more content. This could be
• Blog articles
• Filtered images
• Long form videos
• Short form videos
• Tweets
• Memes
• Ephemeral content
• Paid media

Why is Branding Important?

A strong brand identity cuts through the noise and helps your business stand out. Branding makes you memorable.
And like real beauty, branding starts within.

Investing in branding is a love letter to your business. It’s solidifies the impression you want to give to the outside world. It is an essential time saver because it filters out unsuitable matches.

Unsuitable doesn’t mean lower budget weddings. It means weddings that aren’t 110% your passion project, or aren’t aligned with your business goals.

If you’re ready to take charge of your wedding brand you can apply for our 6-week branding bootcamp here, or learn more about the course here.

If you’re not ready to invest in full scale branding just yet try out our tone of voice branding workshop, or our lore of branding storytelling masterclass. Follow the links to learn more.

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