How to make your marketing go BOOM!


(Branding transformation pending)

TLDR: brand strategy will change your marketing forever.

If something is missing from your marketing it’s probably brand strategy. If you’ve ever had a jingle stuck in your head or recognised a logo you are aware of the power of branding. How do companies create a memorable jingle or logos? Brand designers secret weapon: internal brand strategy.

Brand strategy is a methodical and strategic process that produces a memorable and magnetic brand. We build substance first so you can refine your visual assets later. Investing in brand strategy will be vital for future marketing as web3 develops and consumers spend more time online.

At Say I Do we believe the best brands are defined with input from the business owner or senior leadership. That’s why we developed the wedding branding boot camp to help us help you build your brand.

Here is an overview of the course:
101 Brand building blocks ~ define the internal mechanics of your brand
102 What couples want ~ in-depth market research including demographics, psychographics, and social listening
103 Spying on competitors ~ what are they doing digitally? And how can we ensure your brand isn’t too similar?
104 Appearances ~ checklist your visual assets and make sure they deliver consistent messaging.
105 Storytelling ~ learn the most vital messaging method for marketing to the critical consumer

In this bootcamp we share all our secrets, including how to apply brand strategy so it impacts your marketing and revenue. We will have failed if attendees complete our bootcamp with a head full of interesting branding facts but no clue or strategy to implement their ideas. We are determined to co-build a living breathing brand with you.

If this sounds like your next step you can apply here.

At the end of our bootcamp you will have:
• defined your brand avatar according to your values and your potential clients’ desires
• positioned yourself effectively against your competitors
• unified your visual identity
• developed your tone of voice
• created brand guidelines to act as your brand asset and messaging compass
• acquired a content strategy and storytelling skills to bring your brand to life

Our schedule is as follows:
Week 1 101
Week 2 102
Week 3 103
Week 4 BREAK
Week 5 104
Week 6 105 (final unit)
3-month follow up analysis and evaluation call

One-to-one live training £1195

Live group training £695

Please note this bootcamp is centred on internal brand strategy and does not include commissioning design projects or rebranding marketing assets.

100% delivery or your money back (conditions apply)
To apply fill in the form here.

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