Video Marketing for Wedding Venues & Suppliers

Consumers are compelled to contact brands when they feel a genuine connection. Before you establish a connection with your couples you need to hold their attention. In the online world, video is king for grabbing attention and raising brand awareness. Read more about video marketing for wedding venues and suppliers.

You can adapt your content strategy to encourage couples to contact you. To do this you’ll need to share content that emotionally resonates with couples or educates them with information that is truly helpful. You can do this in the form of Instagram carousels, blog articles, Facebook posts.

By far the number 1 method is creating face-to-lens video content. This builds up trust as viewers feel like they already know you. It takes the headache out of sales and pricing too. Because you’ve already positioned yourself as expert couples are more likely to pay your asking price.

Video Marketing for the Camera-Shy

However, not everyone wants to appear on camera. To help with this you can view our free webinar on faceless video marketing here.

What if you’re middle of the road? You don’t mind being filmed but you don’t want to be publicly available on social media. We have a business changing guide that will transform your email marketing. Claim your free guide here.

If you’re not camera-shy, and you’re ready to film the best thing is to hit record and get started! We highly recommend the TikTok Creator Portal to learn more about storytelling on camera. To improve storytelling in your marketing you can learn more about our lore of branding LIVE training here.

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