How Facebook ads brought one venue qualified bridal leads for just £10 per couple


The sun hasn’t set on Facebook ads. They remain a powerful tool for targeting couples. We’ve been running Facebook ads since 2017. Although there is no way to guarantee a set CPA before a campaign we have previously sourced couples for around £10 per lead. Our secret lies in audience building and the quality of our ad creatives.

Much has changed with Facebook ads and privacy laws since 2017. We do not offer any guarantee for CPC or campaign results, but we can create content-led campaigns, video campaigns, and the digital network needed to bring ready-to-book couples to you.

Costs for facebook ads can vary from campaign to campaign depending on your business goals. We recommend a minimum £3k ad spend for a three-month campaign. Added to this there may be set-up costs, monthly campaign management and reporting, ad creative creation if required, landing page building if required, email list building if required.

When you apply please provide as much detail as possible so we are in the best position to advise during our initial consultation.

To apply fill in the form here.

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