Social Media Marketing for Wedding Professionals

Social media is both a blessing and a curse. Even seasoned social media strategists become sick at the sight of Instagram et al. Just how essential is social media for wedding professionals?

When you’re a creative business owner you are responsible for keeping the plates spinning. After a long day of order fulfilment, order preparation, customer service and responding to enquiries who has the time or the energy to create a worthy social media post?

The trouble with social media marketing is we can underestimate how difficult it can be. Like any aspect of your business, it requires time and effort.

If you can budget for it why not outsource your social media management? You may be able to outsource it for just three months at a time rather than an entire year. You should be able to find different packages depending on your level of involvement in content creation.

You can expect to pay between £300– £999 per month depending on the service level required. Remember social media is an unregulated industry. Anyone can start a social media management service.

Even if outsourcing isn’t an option, you are in the perfect position to thrive on social media. Our beloved industry develops our creative and organizational skills and working for yourself requires discipline. If you have these characteristics, with our help and a few free tools you can create a social media strategy without tearing your hair out.

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