Our training and marketing services

If you have ever said:

“I want to get a grip on my marketing

I want to stand out online

I want to get bookings without dropping my price

I want clear marketing direction but find business guru advice conflicting and ineffective

I want marketing that drives revenue, but paid ads are becoming more expensive each campaign

I want marketing systems that simplify marketing and hold team members accountable

I want emails that convert into bookings,”

then we may have something for you.

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To learn more about each service follow the links below.

Content creation workshop £99
Brand tone of voice masterclass £99
Lore of brand storytelling masterclass £99
Copywriting email nurture sequence and monthly newsletter £745 — £1345
Copywriting blog articles + media and knowledge centre £795 — 2195
Digital marketing audit £499
Branding bootcamp £695 — £1195
Digital foundations £5995
Facebook ads POA
Social media live training £2495
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