Email Marketing for Wedding Businesses & Venues

Email marketing for wedding professionals is alive and well.

Email marketing is only growing in importance. You own your email list, but the same can’t be said for Instagram and Facebook followers.

Email marketing done right is incredibly powerful. It’s a fantastic method for building rapport with clients.

At least it would be if couples took the time to reply.

There are many reasons why couples ghost you. In marketing psychology, we recognise the important of building a connection with potential clients. For better communication you must deepen the connection between your brand and potential couples. This is especially relevant if you want to drive more revenue from email marketing.

How? The best way is face-to-lens video marketing. You may not wish to appear on camera for social media. But how about in correspondence with your couples? At every stage of the customer journey, you can implement video messaging. To learn how to add videos to emails you can download our FREE tutorial here.

How Can We Nurture Couples Over Emails?

Another proven strategy is using a lead magnet as entry point to an email nurture sequence.

Here are 3 lead magnet ideas you could create:

  • How to plan your wedding in (county name)

Use this as a chance to uplift and recommend other wedding businesses in your area.

  • Wedding planning timeline for 2022

Most couples are confused about when to plan for aspects of their wedding. Create content that enlightens them!

  • What we wish we knew when wedding planning

Share a few industry secrets from your hard-earned experience. Make it easy to implement for couples.

Email marketing for wedding professionals is full of opportunities! 

If you would like our help with creating a lead magnet and nurture sequence, or a regular newsletter you can learn more here or apply by filling in this form.

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