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If you can write an Instagram caption you can write a blog article. Even if no one ever shares your article, a strategic blog can fire up your Google rankings.

Adding a blog to your website is the biggest favour you can do for your business. Google loves well written original content. Bonus points if your blog is media rich. Crafting a Google worthy blog takes time and effort you may not have. Typically, when we add our gold level content to client websites, they see an increase in enquiries the following week. If these are the results you’re seeking we can help. With this service you will receive media you can continue to adapt for your social channels, and you will retain full ownership of all content created.

In addition to your blog copies you’ll also receive our bespoke market research report including segments you can target, blog ideas and headlines, and recommended keywords that can double up as hashtags. We’ll report analytics for up to 3 months detailing page views and ranking (permissions needed).

Standard prices are

£795 for 3 x (1000 word articles + 1 landscape text based video + 1 quote image ) + set up 

£2195 for 10 article knowledge centre + set up 

Add on media such as infographics and text-based videos POA.

100% satisfaction guaranteed or you can receive a full refund less set up costs within 30 days. Conditions apply.

To apply fill in the form here and select ‘Copywriting Services’.

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