Content Marketing for Wedding Businesses

Content marketing for wedding businesses requires a well-thought out strategy as well as content creation. 

Just as a rubix cube is solved layer by layer, digital marketing and building an online presence takes time and various stages of growth . You start with a solid foundation and consistently build up. You cannot buy an overnight online presence for your brand.

How can wedding business owners develop their online presence? And how can content marketing for wedding businesses drive more bookings?

You’ll need to invest in solid SEO strategy for your website. Very few wedding websites are optimized for SEO. Doing this will put your website miles ahead of the competition. You can do this through blogging, but you may also need the help of a web developer to check the internal mechanisms of your website. If this is something you need help please contact us.

Here are 4 blog ideas:

  • Take your FAQ section and compose a longer answer for each one
  • Write seasonal highlight articles or top 10 lists
  • Share stories about your favourite wedding experiences
  • Collaborate on articles with local wedding suppliers and venues

Think about the topics prospective couples are concerned about. As an industry expert you have a vast amount of experience to share. If you’d like our help with blog writing read about our service here.

When you use social media platforms weigh up what’s best for your business and where you think your next couples are. Strategic content creation is key. (Learn how here) And don’t overlook optimizing your bio for each platform. If you’re not sure how to do this, you can download our FREE 3-pillar profile optimiser here.

The truth is establishing an online brand demands more than one social platform and a website. The best digital marketers create one piece of content and repurpose it across multiple platforms. To learn how you can download our FREE 82-step guide here.

Building an online presence takes perseverance. To assess how your efforts are paying off be sure to set up a Google analytics account. Log in at least once a month to check where your website visitors are coming from.

There is a foundational masterstroke that will supercharge your marketing. But it’s a long-term investment for serious business owners who intend to stick with the wedding industry for the long haul. Learn more here.

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