Why prospects don’t remember you (+ how to fix it)


There’s something overlooked, underrated and mind-blowingly powerful! Are you ready to sound like a brand worth booking? It’s time to show your brand tone of voice some care and attention.

In part one of our brand tone of voice workshop we will
• define your brands endearing qualities
• identify what’s music to your couples’ ears
• create a magnetic persona that stands out from the competition

In part two we will tie this together into detailed tone of voice guidelines detailing the tones you want to include, words and phrases to avoid or use, and even emoji theory.
Armed with beautifully crafted tone of voice guidelines your brand messaging will be transformed. You’ll add character to copy across your website, social media channels, emails, and direct communications. We will teach you how to standardise your words to make a lasting impression.

Standard ticket is £99.

100% satisfaction or your money back within 30 days (conditions apply)

To apply register here.

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